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Mozart’s Birthday Premiere:
Thursday 27 January 2011

The arrivals hall at Southampton Airport was transformed into a performance space when Michael Omer led the first performance given by the London Mozart Players combined with local Woodlands Community College, of their piece - "Fly Away Mozart - K5054"

The students at Woodlands Community College had been scheduled to premiere the new piece of music on December 2nd 2010, but the weather had other ideas! The airport, and much of the surrounding area, was closed due to amazing amounts of snow!

The Spitfire was built near the airport, flown by amongst others the youngest pilot in the squadron, Geoffrey Wellum aged 19 - and one hundred years ago Edwin Moon perfected flight in the meadow which is now part of the airport.

Cleverly bringing together these events, the new piece made connections between the teenage Geoffrey Wellum, the teenage composer Wolfgang Mozart - and the students - themselves all teenagers bursting with new ideas! Including a new song "I Have Touched the Sky" and a rap called "Two Different Lives". Highlighting the contrasts between young Wolfgang and Geoffrey, the work is a great example of how new ideas can come from almost anywhere! The performance was featured on "live" BBC Radio Solent, and later on Meridian Television's news

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  Mozart’s Birthday Premiere

Mozart’s Birthday Premiere

The Moonbeam which made its first flight from Southampton Airport in 1910

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